Shoppers Can “Round-Up” Holiday Purchases at JCPenney and Support After-School Programs at The Children’s Aid Society in New York

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The quarters and dimes returned to you as change after a purchase at a store can go into your piggy bank, OR, they can help support after-school programming at the Hope Leadership Academy!

image001 From now through Sunday, December 13, JCPenney at Manhattan Mall invites shoppers to round-up all purchases to the nearest whole dollar; the store will donate 100% of the difference to The Children’s Aid Society’s after-school programs at Hope, which include academics, arts, college preparation and scholarship programs, employment training and technology for its teen members.

All employees are encouraged to do some holiday shopping at JCPenney and round-up! It’s an easy (and fun) way to make a donation to critically needed services.

The Children’s Aid Society is the permanent round-up partner of the JCPenney at Manhattan Mall, which offers the round-up opportunity to shoppers quarterly.