Special Needs Call for Special Children's Aid Foster Care Programs

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The Children's Aid Society has been serving medically fragile children in our Medical Foster Care Program since 1988. Over the years this Medical Foster Care Program has successfully provided an alternative to institutional care, giving children a chance to grow up as other children do, in loving families.

friday The Children’s Aid Society was one of the first to provide this specialized foster care. These children need constant and comprehensive medical attention for conditions such as spina bifida, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, congenital heart disease, cancer, seizure disorders and HIV/AIDS. We place these children with chronic and multiple medical disabilities in appropriate foster, and often permanent, homes. Caseworkers and nurses monitor their progress, and special medical equipment such as wheelchairs, special beds and stair lifts that are required are provided by the program. Important training and support services are also provided to the foster parents, to give the best possible care.

Another area of specialized foster care provided by The Children’s Aid Society is our Therapeutic Foster Care Program, providing foster care and therapeutic services to young people with emotional and behavioral problems. Some of these children have developmental disabilities; others suffer the repercussions of homelessness, abuse or neglect. A social worker and socio-therapist works closely with foster parents, supervising the implementation of an appropriate service plan to deal with the child’s behavior and needs.

These dedicated foster parents demonstrate tremendous commitment, undergo intense training keep logs of daily events, and remain in regular contact with our staff. Children’s Aid has achieved a phenomenal adoption rate with these fragile children.  Therapeutic foster homes are provided in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island.

To learn how to become a Foster Parent, visit us.