Children's Aid Society After School Programs Help Teach and Mentor Kids In Need

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The Children’s Aid Society knows it: once school is out each day, there is much more work to do in order to keep youth directed towards academic, social and cultural learning. After-School programs at The Children’s Aid Society’s Community Schools and Centers provide fantastic opportunities for kids to excel after 3:00 p.m., where our holistic approach is used to address all of the child’s needs. And it’s fun!

After-school programs run in 21 community schools and all eight Children’s Aid community centers, serving hundreds of elementary school-aged children in Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Offering a safe haven for children in some of the city’s most economically challenged neighborhoods, the kids can focus on school work as well as discover their many hidden talents.

Homework assistance is available for children who need it, and recreational activities such as basketball do more than break a sweat - they team kids up with mentors who serve as role models, providing invaluable emotional support. The Children's Aid Society is also a founding member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and virtually every Children's Aid site operates as a Boys & Girls Club.

You want more? Children can learn tactics, strategies, and problem solving while developing an appreciation for chess at the Philip Coltoff Center in Greenwich Village. And children from 9-12 years old interested in the performing arts take part in voice and articulation, dance, choreography and acting at the Rhinelander Center Stage Club.

The opportunities provided by Children’s Aid go on and on, and the skills the students develop are priceless; click here for information on volunteering opportunities!


This is great stuff. What

This is great stuff. What wonderful work you are all doing - wow.
And if I may I'd like to add a quick note of my own, plus a link to a video. It's a story by Joseph about how he observed a group of kids and suddenly realized that one of them could be the "next Einstein". He decided right then and there to use his talents to help inspire kids.
Great story. Here's the link, hope you enjoy it.

Joelle, Thanks for your


Thanks for your interest in Children’s Aid.

For information on becoming a volunteer, we invite you to visit us online at where you can view an updated listing of our current volunteer opportunities. We have several postings working with our youth in our after school programs that may be of particular interest to you. You may apply online for an opportunity and our Office of Volunteer Services will contact you to provide more information about becoming a volunteer.

Alternately, for information about donating to Children’s Aid you may contact TC Tang at

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

hi my name is Joelle

hi my name is Joelle millington and im from an organization called council for unity. and im in interested in volunteering and donating to your cause. we would like to know how can we further assists you. can u please email me back with any information or when we can be able to talk or meet with you and your communities.

thank you
yours truly
Joelle millington
council for unity
have a bless day and week