Children's Aid NYC Goes Fresh in NYC!

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Food, glorious food!  It’s amazing how easy it really is to get children excited about healthy, organic food!   Bring them to the farmer’s market, encourage them to grow their own window sill herb garden, or teach them how to cook a meal from scratch – the bright colors, fresh smells and wonderful flavors will stimulate their senses and you’re giving junk food a run for its money!  You may be shaking fresh2your head in disbelief but, at The Children’s Aid Society in New York, we’ve seen this green mania with our own eyes!

At our community schools throughout the city, we teach children and their parents all about good nutrition.  We challenge them to try it out and, much to their surprise they learn that healthful food actually tastes good!  At a youth green market in East Harlem, Children’s Aid’s kids are even sharing tips on nutrition, food prep and recipes.  And these youth green markets are popping up all over. In July 2008, The Children’s Aid Society launched the South Bronx Youthmarketfresh3

We operate these markets in close collaboration with the Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC) to bring fresh, delicious and healthful foods to families in low-income communities,  and showing children where their food comes from and how. The markets are run by the students themselves, at their school.  The kids are eager to learn and to taste!  Suddenly, that bag of preservative-filled potato chips seems less appetizing to them. 

And, of course, that’s the idea. And, every so often, a master chef is born. Just check out some of the culinary delights made by our very own young Next Generation Caterers. Bon Appétit!