Mentoring Makes a Difference

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mentor cas1014When you mentor, you don’t just serve; you join a movement. A few years ago, USA Today reported that, as baby-boomers become empty nesters and young adults join the ranks, mentoring is at an all-time high. At some agencies in New York, the ranks of mentors have as much as doubled.

Perhaps people are becoming mentors because they want to make a difference. The article notes that mentoring has a notable impact on key youth behaviors, including school attendance, drug and alcohol abuse and violence. The Educational Commission of the States has observed that mentoring can improve everything from self-esteem to eating disorders.

The broad and substantial impact of mentoring is becoming ever more critical to developing today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders and citizens. After all, the issues facing children – tobacco, drugs, violence, overeating and pregnancy – are becoming more severe and more common.

The Children’s Aid Society matches caring adults with children and youth to provide them with guidance, support, and encouragement. Providing career exploration and homework help, mentors may do everything from reading to playing sports. But The Children’s Aid Society can’t make these positive and lasting differences in children’s lives without the help of volunteers.

Lend a weekday evening or Saturday to a 9-18 year old today. Think of it as a way to repay those who’ve lent you time along the way.


Thanks so much for

Thanks so much for commenting and for your interest in Children's Aid! Our mentoring program kicks back up in the Fall when school begins. Please contact Malia Poai, Assistant Director of Volunteer Services at to get your volunteers on our list. Thanks again!

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plz send more information on

plz send more information on your mentoring program. I am the administrator for our church and would like to connect our various volunteers to your mentoring program