New York's Children's Aid Society Serving Children: Our Community Partners Make it all Happen!

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The Children's Aid Society in New York could not flourish without all the community agencies and organizations that it works with. These partnerships ensure that our services are as complete, accessible and effective as possible - helping to stretch our resources. Working with our partners allows for innovation in our programs as we benefit from the experiences of others.

One great example is our community schools.  Our leading partner is the New York City Department of Education. This year there are also over 100 partners in this effort, bringing fabulous results.  Leading examples include Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Theatre, and Michael Roberts restaurant. For more information about community schools, please visit us here.

We are also founding members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (B&GCA) and are working more closely than ever with the Clubs' local, state, regional and national staffs. One partnership with B&GCA is at our Dunlevy Milbank Center: the B&GCA was the recipient of the largest gift made to date by Microsoft, bringing its latest hardware and software to children using our cutting-edge facility.

There are far too many partners to name individually, but our community partners include city, county, state and federal agencies and departments; hospitals; health providers; colleges and university graduate schools of social work, nursing, medicine and education; mental health providers; community development groups; service societies; parents groups; police groups; youth-serving agencies; child and family welfare coalitions; school boards; housing alliances; food cooperatives; and scores of other agencies, businesses, church groups, professional associations, task forces and volunteers.  Lots of Volunteers!

And any list of partners with the Children’s Aid Society would also not be complete without acknowledging the support of thousands of donors that help finance these important programs, helping bring brighter futures to so many youth at risk! To learn more about donations, visit us here.