The Children's Aid Society Kids and Music: Nourish the Mind and Soul

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singingWe all know that music soothes the soul, but - what about the mind?  Well, recent neuroscience research studies have found that children who play musical instruments are more focused, perform better on intelligence tests and have advanced cognitive ability, compared to children without any music instruction. This is not news to The Children's Aid Society, where music has always been a fundamental tool we use to help children and teens explore the freedom of creativity - individually and as a team.

Children of all ages have been enjoying the music experience through innovative after-school programs like The Children's Aid Chorus, Harmony in Harlem, drumming groups and music recording studios.  Within these programs, children of all ages can explore all types of music - whether it's a gospel song or moody jazz on a tenor sax.   Budding composers and recording artists can write, record and produce an original piece of music composition at actual recording studios in either the Frederick Douglass Center or Dunlevy Milbank Center. notes

Music brings people together - crossing all boundaries of culture, race and economics - The Children's Aid Chorus Program is a perfect example. It comprises 19 vocal ensembles with over 350 chorus participants aged 5-18.  The award-winning choristers have had the opportunity to tour across North America, perform on television and at famous, historic venues, sing for dignitaries and collaborate with composers. In fact, each year at its Spring Concert, The Children's Aid Society Chorus debuts new commissioned work by an American composer.

Yes, at New York's Children's Aid Society, we know that music nourishes both our kids' minds and souls.  We see it in their smiles and in their bright eyes - each and every day.

For more information on any of our music programs, please call (212) 533-1675