Recognize President Obama's National Health Care Day of Service

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During President Barack Obama's National Health Care Day of Service on Saturday June 27th, please keep in mind that currently, of the 2.6 million New Yorkers without insurance, 400,000 are children.

The Children's Aid Society is working hard to decrease that number through our Health Care Access Program. This program assists New York City children and families with the complicated task of enrolling in and accessing their state provided health insurance. The Children's Aid Society employs Facilitated Enrollers, people who are specially trained assist in this process and tirelessly help the uninsured until they have secured an adequate health plan.

Facilitated Enrollers are particularly necessary because many of the families in the communities we serve are immigrants or non-English-speaking New Yorkers; the language barrier makes the already complex application procedure even more challenging. Facilitated Enrollers, or FEs, provide culturally sensitive outreach and enrollment services in more than 40 languages.

A huge part of why HCAP is able to reach and gain the trust of many uninsured families is the integral role that The Children's Aid Society already plays in their lives. The Children's Aid Society provides school-based health services in Community Schools in Harlem and Washington Heights, in addition to serving the wider community with three community health centers, so that health care can be convenient as well as affordable for New York City families.

All children in New York City deserve adequate medical care and the Children's Aid Society works toward this goal. At Children's Aid, every day is a Health Care Day of Service.