Founder of The Children's Aid Society, Charles Loring Brace understood the Power of Education

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For over 150 years The Children's Aid Society has been a leader in assistance to needy children, with the ultimate goal of helping them become healthy and productive adults. Founder Charles Loring Brace believed that by filling the gaps between what children deserve and what life has dealt them, they would prosper. Education has been an anchor of The Children's Aid Society; Today, Children's Aid continues to be an education leader, operating community schools in New York City in partnership with the Department of Education.

Charles Loring Brace knew that the role of the education system should provide more for children than the typical education provided in the 19th century; it should offer a community of support and multiple services to the child. The phrase "the child is the father of the man" coined by William Wordsworth, was a popular phrase in the 19th century and was surely embraced by Charles Loring Brace. It speaks to the growth to adulthood requiring a strong foundation in childhood.

The schools operated by The Children's Aid Society in New York City are open early, close late, and are open evenings, weekends and summers. These community schools serve as more than a place where children attend classes. With a familiar and nourishing environment, children can also receive medical and dental care, speak to a counselor about a problem, stay after school to build reading skills, play chess, work on a computer, take art and music lessons, get help with homework, practice sports and attend summer camp: "school days" that provide a strong foundation to aid in growing to prosperous adulthood. And parents find a new center of their community.


Mr. Brace signed my father's adoption papers

My father passed away Monday, Jan.17, 2011. We knew he was adopted in 1927 and just are absolutely amazed by what the papers in the safe deposit box taken out only yesterday revealed detailing his adoption from beginning to end...he was adopted in NY of course and taken back to his home in Clarksburg, was a wonderful process even back then...and Mr. Brace signed his adoption papers. We found precious, and as one of the letters from on of your employers described, "romantic" history in his story. Wow!!! Amy