Mayor Bloomberg, Please Renew our Yoga Program!

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colorfulsigns-cas This past Thursday morning, the East Harlem Head Start children, staff, and parents went to City Hall to participate in a press conference supporting funding-renewal for our yoga program (which is provided free through our partnership with University Settlement). saveyoga-cas2

The trip fit in perfectly with the Civic Participation theme and related events that we've been working on with our families.

Much to our surprise, Mayor Bloomberg actually walked out of the building just as our press conference was wrapping up.

huggingkneecas31 The highlight of the day came when, of his own accord, 3-year-old John spontaneously broke from his mother to passionately hug the leg of our famous Mayor.

Everyone (including Mayor Mike) had a good chuckle.  It was the perfect example of true civic participation! Enjoy the pictures. Moira Cappio, Director of the Head Start Program, East Harlem Center