Children's Aid Society - A History of Firsts

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With revolutionary ideas about the importance of the early education and welfare of children, Children's Aid Society in New York introduced continues today in programs all across our country.  For over 150 years, these ground-breaking programs have astonished and amazed with their innovation, helping children at risk grow up healthy and productive.

With unique vision, New York's Children's Aid Society introduced many progressive programs in their schools that today are commonplace. Look at the National School Lunch Program, the federal program that provides free or reduced-price lunches to students based on the student's household income.  The Children's Aid Society in New York started their free school lunch program over 150 years ago to destitute children, recognizing that a child can't learn well when he or she is hungry.

And there is the Head Start program, founded in 1965, which benefits children by enrolling them into instructional settings at the age of 3 in order to promote school readiness.  Children's Aid opened the first Head Start classroom in New York. Early childhood education has been a cornerstone of New York's Children's Aid Society since its inception in 1853. The passion to champion children at risk in the 21st century continues, with program-innovation and imagination.