Creative Writing

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Creative writing lets youth express feelings and frustrations creatively in a safe environment

For many of our children, the entry to creative writing is through music- the rhythms of hip-hop are grounded in poetry, and poetry is frequently the easiest way for a child to express confusing feelings.

Many of Children's Aid's front line locations offer creative writing as a means of promoting expression and creativity, as well as fostering literacy. Through the medium of writing, parents and family members learn to understand each other and teens learn to trust their peers and gain confidence.

Through a partnership with Voices Unbroken, a non-profit group dedicated to bringing poetry and creative writing to underserved student populations, foster care youth at Children's Aid's Next Generation Center (NGC) in the South Bronx learn to channel their thoughts in creative forms from experienced teachers and writers, go to local poetry readings and are exposed to new forms of literature. At NGC, participants also have the unique experience of publishing their writing in bound anthologies- physical representations of their creativity and personal progress.

Writing and reading are featured aspects of all of our after-school programs, whether through book clubs, play- and screenwriting for drama clubs, performance poetry, or just a chance to find a quiet corner with a book.