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"Legacy" CAS/AileyCamp Performance

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Children's Aid/Ailey Camp


The Children's Aid Society believes that young people growing up in New York City, the nation's cultural capital, should have access and exposure to the arts.

For that reason, children in our community centers and community schools across the city participate in visual arts, creative writing, dance, music and theater.

Activities range from established, traditional acting and singing programs, such as the Children's Aid Society Chorus program, to arts and crafts classes that give children the opportunity to express themselves through painting, drawing, mask-making or pottery. Photography is especially popular with teens, as it gives them new ways of viewing and understanding their world. And writing poetry allows youth of all ages to express things they haven't figured out how to say in daily language.

Different disciplines, media and forms of artistic expression are studied both alone and together in crossover projects. The creativity and ingenuity of each program is a testament to Children's Aid's continued dedication to quality arts programming.

These programs expand young people's understanding of the world, increase their self-confidence and help them develop creative visions for the future.