Steps to Success

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Steps to Success is a comprehensive, research-based intervention, based in the belief that working deliberately and intensely with schools and families will ensure the positive social development and school success of each child. Steps to Success is made up of the following core elements:

1. Life Coaching

The Life Coach is the central component to a set of programmatic interventions designed to support the academic, social, and leadership development of African American male students. Steps to Success Life Coaches monitor student academic progress, facilitate parent/school communication, help develop age appropriate social skills, and coordinate additional resources for program participants and their families.

2. Individualized Academic Supports

Tutors are drawn from local partnering colleges and universities. Our tutors emphasize core competencies, such as English and Math, and provide intensive, one-on-one weekly tutoring for each boy. We ensure consistent communication exists between tutors, teachers, and parents around here is a a heaIdeally, tutoring takes place at each boy’s school to create a better connection to school needs and to align with teachers to ensure success.

3. Cultural Enrichment

Weekly Rap Groups and Enrichment Workshops helps to build positive Black identity and expose the boys to new experiences and opportunities.

4. Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes are professional men of color who share their stories of personal and professional triumph with program participants through presentations and during weekly Rap Group sessions.

5. Parent Strengthening and Education

Partnering with parents to ensure their children’s positive social development and school success is imperative. Our parent strengthening and education component provides critical tools and support parents need to guide their children to success. This includes providing workshops on topics such as: parenting skills, stages of child development, child and adolescent health and wellness, among others.

This program is made possible through the generous support of The Charles Hayden Foundation.