Steps to Success

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Steps to Success currently provides direct service to 85 African American and Latino middle and high school students in Harlem and the Bronx.

Steps to Success is a comprehensive, research-based intervention, based in the belief that working deliberately and intensely with schools and families will ensure the positive social development and school success of each child. Steps to Success is made up of the following core program elements:

Life Coaching

Life coaching remains the centerpiece of our work. Life coaches build genuine relationships with participants and their families, monitor student academic progress, facilitate parent-school communication, help develop age-appropriate social skills, and coordinate additional resources for program participants and their families.

Parent Collaboration and Education

Partnering with parents to ensure their children’s positive social development and school success is critical. This component helps strengthen parent support networks and provides the critical tools and information parents need to guide their children to success. Workshops address the stages of child development, child and adolescent health and wellness, college exploration and readiness, and parenting communication strategies, among others.

Academic Support and Enrichment

We monitor and provide support the academic development of program participants. We encourage and facilitate regular communication between parents, teachers-school administrators, and students, while ensuring that all program participants are college and career ready.

Cultural Enrichment

Through a variety of activities including weekly Rap Groups, Everyday Heroes, outings and overnight retreats, and enrichment workshops, we aim to build positive identity and self-esteem, expose participants to new experiences, and promote pro-social behavior.

Intergenerational Mentoring

AAMI encourages the sharing of ideas, experiences, and the pro-social values that come by way of intergenerational interaction.  While these relationships exists between life coaches and program participants, we intentionally open our doors to volunteers from the community willing to share their time and experiences. In addition, Steps to Success high school participants mentor middle-school program participants.