Foster Parents for Teens

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In New York, almost 50% of youth in foster care are teens. Just like anyone else, teens in foster care want families. They want adults in their lives who will provide for them a safe, comfortable, loving home; adults who will support them in succeeding in school and gaining skills to find a job; adults who will prove to them that they are, in fact, loveable.

While most adolescents in the U.S. are focused on finishing high school and going on to college, adolescents in foster care are often much more concerned about survival. The outcomes for youth who “age out” of foster care without long-lasting connections to an adult are grave, with few graduating from college, and too many spending time homeless, unemployed, incarcerated, and/or pregnant at a young age.

We at Children’s Aid Society are committed to preventing youth in our care from becoming one of these statistics. Our Teen Foster Care Program works with youth 14 years of age and older in foster care to develop permanent connections with caring adults, advance their education and employability, and ensure general preparedness for adulthood.

We are always looking for compassionate people to become foster parents for teens and ensure that our youth not only survive, but that they are provided the resources to truly thrive.

For more information on becoming a foster parent for a teen, please call 212.949.4891.

For general information on becoming a foster parent, click here.