Family Foster Care

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The Children’s Aid Society provides community-based foster home placements that allow for continuity with school, friends and familiar surroundings. These arrangements also lessen the trauma of placements while providing opportunities for frequent contact with family members.

Our model is designed to give children, birth parents and foster parents the services and supports they need as they work as quickly as possible toward permanency.

Our staff uses a variety of methods to improve the experience of children placed in foster care, including:

  • Team meetings with birth parents, foster parents, caseworkers and children within days of placement.

  • Relationship building between the birth and foster parents that focuses on the needs of the child.

  • Ongoing training for both sets of parents.

  • Frequent family visits.

  • Referrals to community-based programs that allow families to receive services within their neighborhoods.

Children’s Aid provides Foster Care services for more than 300 children in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. In addition to the full range of social work services, we also provide on-site medical and dental care as well as intensive mental health counseling. Many of the children in our Foster Care programs receive extra support, attention and opportunities for growth by participating in youth development programs offered in Children’s Aid's community schools, community centers and summer camps.

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Please call (212) 949-4800.

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