Executive Staff & Trustees

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The work of The Children's Aid Society is conducted by an expert staff. Below you will find links to biographies of our Board Chair and key Executive Staff members, as well as a list of the members of our Board of Trustees.

Management Team

Phoebe Boyer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Georgia Boothe, Vice President of Child Welfare and Family Services

Drema Brown, Vice President of School Age Programs

Moria Cappio, Vice President of Early Childhood Programs

Katherine Eckstein, Chief of Staff

Sandra Escamilla-Davies, Vice President of Adolescence Programs

Abe Fernández, Director of Collective Impact

Caroline Gallagher, Chief Development Officer

Sarah Gillman, Chief Financial Officer

Courtenaye Jackson-Chase, General Counsel

Dan Lehman, Chief Operating Officer

Miriam Martinez, Chief Program Officer

Jane Quinn, Vice President and Director of National Training Center for Community Schools

Anthony Ramos, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Daniel H. Stephens, Vice President of Health and Wellness

Board of Trustees

(Revised: August, 2016)


Chairs Emeriti
Mark M. Edmiston
Edgar R. Koerner
Charlton Y. Phelps

Iris Abrons

Vice Chair
Richard Edelman

Kevin J. Watson

Amy Engel Scharf

Assistant Treasurer
Russell Diamond

President and CEO
Phoebe C. Boyer


Iris Abrons
Sheila Baird
Susan S. Brown
Elly Christophersen
Jan S. Correa
Russell Diamond
Richard Edelman
Mark M. Edmiston
Fredy Espaillat
Debra Friedman
Russell Horwitz
Lolita K. Jackson
Linda Kao
Alan E. Katz
Lane H. Katz
Gregory Kerr
Christopher R. Lawrence
Beth Leventhal
Ari Libarikian
Janine E. Luke 
Rick McNabb
Vanessa Melendez
Rafiah Mustafa
Charles Penner
Lauren Razook Roth
Eren Rosenfeld
Timothy F. Ryan
Amy Engel Scharf
Andrea Wahlquist
Peter Wallace
Kevin J. Watson

Trustees Emeriti
Susan M. Coupey, M.D.
Bart J. Eagle
Desmond G. Fitzgerald
Marshall M. Green
Ronald H. Kaufmann
Martha Kellner
Edgar R. Koerner
Felix Orbe
Charlton Y. Phelps
Rosalie K. Stahl
Mrs. Milton Stern