Community Partners

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The Children's Aid Society could not do its work without the hundreds of community agencies and organizations that ensure that our services are as complete, accessible and effective as possible. The Children's Aid Society's community school model is based entirely on partnerships, and this year there are over 100 partners in this effort. Plus, there are dozens of others who enrich our work in every area of endeavor.

Partnerships enable us to test new ways of working, benefit from the experiences of others and stretch our resources to have the greatest possible impact.

Although too numerous to mention individually, our community partners include city, county, state and federal agencies and departments; hospitals; health providers; colleges and university graduate schools of social work, nursing, medicine and education; mental health providers; community development groups; service societies; parents groups; police groups; youth-serving agencies; child and family welfare coalitions; school boards; housing alliances; food cooperatives; and scores of other agencies, businesses, church groups, professional associations, task forces and volunteers. Children's Aid is also proud to have been a founding member of both the Child Welfare League of America and the Coalition for Community Schools.

We are also founding members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (B&GCA) and are working more closely than ever with the Clubs' local, state, regional and national staffs to increase the number of public school partnerships. We recently undertook two initiatives with B&GCA. With the New York State Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, Children's Aid provides aftercare for youths released from detention centers to help reintegrate them productively into their communities and reduce recidivism.

In addition, we partnered with B&GCA at our Dunlevy Milbank Center's Technology Playground. B&GCA is the recipient of the largest gift made to date by Microsoft, which brings its latest hardware and software to children using our cutting-edge facility. Our continuing partnership includes implementing and testing new delinquency prevention programs; building more alliances to serve children in public housing; and opening new technology centers in New York City that provide safe places for children and more access to the latest high-technology learning tools.

Partnerships enable us to test new ways of working, receive the benefits of others' experiences and stretch our resources to have the greatest possible impact. Together, we can make a greater difference for the city's children.