Beverly A. Colon

Vice President for Health and Wellness

Beverly A. Colon was appointed Vice President for Health and Wellness at The Children’s Aid Society in 2012. Ms. Colon oversees a team of 130 employees serving approximately 30,000 children and families in nine locations across New York City. The Health and Wellness Department’s comprehensive network of services includes dental, vision, nutrition, health and mental health care, as well as Title X family planning clinics and specialized services for children in foster care. The department also connects children and families to public insurance programs and helps them navigate complex systems.

Trained in family healthy and adolescent medicine as a physician’s assistant, Ms. Colon began her career at Boriken, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in East Harlem, where she provided primary health care to adults and adolescents. In 1984, she joined the staff of Mount Sinai’s Adolescent Health Center as director of its school-based clinics. She was subsequently hired by the New York City Department of Health’s Bureau of School Children and Adolescent Health to serve as director for adolescent health programs. During her tenure with the city, she secured the funding to initiate a school-based clinic program that currently operates five school-based clinics citywide. In 1992, Ms. Colon became Deputy Director for Program Operations for Columbia University’s Center for Community Health and Education, where she was responsible for the supervision of a sizeable high school school-based clinic and provided oversight of a large family planning clinic in Washington Heights.

Ms. Colon joined Children’s Aid in 1999 as Director of the Health Services Division. In this role, she had oversight for the administration of a comprehensive service network which, in addition to community clinics, encompasses five school-based health centers, three foster care clinics, six dental clinics, six Article 31 mental health clinics and another seven school-based mental health service sites. In her role as Vice President, Ms. Colon oversees a growing team of 130 employees serving approximately 30,000 children and families across New York City.

Ms. Colon has been an active participant on the committees of numerous government agencies and community service organizations, representing such issues as AIDS and women’s services, adolescent rights, reproductive health services for women and adolescents, and educational opportunities for pregnant and parenting adolescents. In addition to her committee work, she has also served as a consultant to The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of a site visit team that evaluated and made corrective recommendations for the operation of school-based clinics nationally.

Currently, Ms. Colon is a consultant for the Cicatelli Institute, for which she performs Title X compliance reviews and provides program recommendations for regions II and VI family planning programs. Ms. Colon is a founding member and past co-chair of the steering committee of the New York State Coalition for School-Based Health Centers and a member of the New York City Schools Chancellor’s School Health Task Force.